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Dedicated IBANs

When you open an account with us, you gain more than just a financial tool. Each of our accounts comes with a dedicated Maltese IBAN, ensuring secure and efficient transactions across the Eurozone. But what truly sets us apart is the seamless management experience. With our sophisticated online payment platform, you are in full control of your Finductive account, able to administer, monitor, and optimise your financial activities effortlessly.


We have established an expansive network of corresponding banks to empower your financial activities. Our clients can execute SWIFT payments with confidence, leveraging the security and reliability of our cutting-edge e-banking system. With your Finductive account, national and international payments are simplified through SEPA integration. Whether transacting close to home or across the globe, your Finductive payment account facilitates ease and efficiency, transforming the way you handle your finances.

Multi-Currency Account

The Finductive account, while primarily a Euro account, is much more than that. Our advanced multi-currency functionality empowers you to send and receive funds in various currencies, enabling seamless global financial interactions. 

Currency Exchange

What makes us exceptional is our commitment to providing the best possible exchange rates. Our online platform gives clients real-time rates ensuring maximum benefits and optimising your global financial engagements.

Referral Arrangements

We believe that trusted partnerships are key for any business. Our Referral Partnerships are a great way to secure business opportunities, establish lasting relationships and grow together.

SEPA Instant

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Direct Debit

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Our Vision of Modern Finance

Unleash your venture’s true potential with our wide array of financial solutions. Finductive is adept at surmounting challenges that standard approaches cannot address, paving the way for your exceptional success.