Finductive participate in the Tree4U Initiative

This week we upheld our promise to some of our clients who attended a corporate dinner in November, and instead of the customary corporate gifts, we made the conscious decision to break with tradition and participated in the Tree4U campaign, which is a government initiative to increase plant biodiversity in Malta. By participating in the Tree4U campaign, we aim to instil a sense of responsibility towards safeguarding our planet’s resources.

As part of this noble cause, we had the privilege of planting trees on behalf of some of our esteemed clients. This initiative helps us to contribute to a more sustainable and green future whilst appreciating and connecting with nature.

We are delighted to share with you that African Tamarisks have been planted, as their unique characteristics suit the environment. These evergreen trees are an important addition to the Majjistral Park at Għajn Tuffieħa, their tolerance of sea spray makes them ideal for planting as they will also provide a natural barrier to other plants in the area. During the winter months small dense flowers will bloom, creating a picturesque view for all that visit the site.

To ensure their well-being, the saplings have been carefully planted and we assure you that they will be nurtured and maintained for the next two years ensuring their growth and maturity. Regular watering and care will be provided to ensure they are given the essential nourishment and start in life they need to flourish.

Our team was proud to be part of this campaign and some of us were on hand to assist in the planting of these trees, not only did this foster team spirit it also allowed the team to embrace the beauty of nature and take a break from the office.

We will keep you updated with the progress of the trees planted and hope that they will thrive and contribute to sustaining the ecosystem in their new environment.


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